About Us

Our Story
More Than Just Lunch™ was founded in 2019 by husband-wife team Tim and Jen Chaffier. We are a lifestyle brand that features products designed by us, for you, with love! Our products, developed with and for children, focus on positivity and sustainability while also providing a fun and interactive way for both parents and children to connect.

Our Dream
While we hope you love our products as much as we loved creating them, the most exciting part of More Than Just Lunch™ is our promise to give back to schools that are struggling with meal debt. We have been deeply touched by the challenge’s meal debt poses to schools and families and have pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from More Than Just Lunch™ to help erase school meal debts in America.

Our Mission
Our mission is simple #SpreadLunchLove!

School meal debt is a growing challenge for districts across the country. When families accrue debt, children often pay the price by being served an alternative lunch, having restricted activities or experiencing other forms of “lunch shaming.”

  • 30 million students are served lunch everyday
  • 75% of US school districts have student meal debt
  • School that receive federal funds are NOT able to use any of those funds towards meal debt
  • Almost half of school districts with unpaid meal debt do not receive any further donations to offset that debt

Lunch is more than just a meal. Lunch is a chance for our children to regroup, refuel and reenergize so they can do their best. Together we can make sure every student has that chance without adversity.

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