What are YOU doing for others?

What are YOU doing for others?

Jan 20th 2020

What are YOU doing for others? We all have the power to do something kind, positive or thoughtful for someone else. Sometimes the smallest act can have the biggest impact. Here are a few ideas to try today that anyone at any age can do.

  1. Let someone in front you in line
  2. Pick up litter in your community
  3. Tell a stranger to have a nice day
  4. Hold open the door for someone
  5. Write a thank you letter or draw a picture for a community helper
  6. Donate your gently used toys or clothes to someone in need
  7. Help your family make a special dinner
  8. Offer to help your neighbor with a chore
  9. Make a list of things you like about someone special
  10. Have a smile on your face all day
  11. Take time out of your day to listen to a friend 
  12. Find things to recycle instead of throwing them away
  13. Tell your parents/kids how much you love them
  14. Eat lunch with someone new
  15. Make plans to volunteer at shelter, school or hospital
  16. Donate to a local food bank

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