The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity

Dec 16th 2019

Words have amazing power. They can inspire, offer hope, convey love and support and help lift us and those around us up. Positive reinforcement also affirms behaviors that as parents, we would like to see again, however, it’s important to maintain frequency and consistency when using positive reinforcement. What words we choose to say, and how we say them, can have a lasting impact on children as they grow and mature.

We believe and hope for our children, that by delivering consistent positive messages it will help them develop healthy methods for dealing with the variety of situations they will encounter in life. From helping a friend, to believing in themselves or coping with things when they don’t go as planned, our hope is that at that moment, they will hear the echo of our words and know compassion, that they are loved, they are strong, and we will always believe in them.

It was our desire to sprinkle a little love into our children’s day that inspired our Lunch Notes. When it came to our Good Vibes card sets, we spent a lot of time sitting around the dinner table discussing them with our children and how they made them feel or how they were able to pay some Good Vibes forward to someone in need. Our hope is that our Good Vibes card sets will become part of the discussions around your table, inspire positivity at the lunch table and serve as a reminder during the day of how special each child is.