Free Family Activities

Free Family Activities

Mar 16th 2020

As more communities across the country grapple with COVID-19 and more states and districts mandate school closures and social distancing we are sure many of you, like us, are experiencing significant disruptions in your daily routines.

We know how challenging it can be to find ways to keep your children entertained that does not involve a screen. In that spirit, we are here to help!

We will be posting free learning and creative activities that can be downloaded from our blog. Be sure to bookmark us, join our mailing list and check back often to get your fun freebies!

1. Cute Coloring Pages - Set 1Set 2
2. Try Our True/False Quiz (Answer key upside and backwards on bottom of page)
3. Use our Nature Journal to Discover the World Around You - EnglishSpanish
4. Write a Letter to Your Teacher Template - EnglishSpanish
5. Kindness Word Search
6. Finish These Drawings Booklet
7. Gratitude Journal
8. Weekly Planner

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