A Letter to Our Loyal Customers & Fans

A Letter to Our Loyal Customers & Fans

Aug 31st 2020

Like you – we are working parents trying our best to find balance while navigating the new normal presented by the pandemic.

As we have worked to find balance between running our business, parenting, trying to keep everyone healthy and entertained over the summer and assisting with schoolwork we have been absent from social media recently. For that we are sorry, we have simply been stretched thin.

Yet, here we are, on the precipice of a new school year. When More Than Just Lunch was born, we never imagined a world where many of our students would not be physically attending school. We have hope that will change soon for the well-being of all.

Thank you for sticking with us, we greatly appreciate all of you!

We have an exciting fall planned, beginning with a renewed commitment to our social media presence. In addition, we are working on the release of a new co-branding program to assist schools in raising funds to offset lunch debt. We will be expanding upon our fun and free downloadable activities for kids and will be hosting online contests. We are focused forward and think the future is bright!

Whether your school year will be starting as normal, online or somewhere in between, we wish you all a year filled with good health, happiness and a thirst for knowledge.

Warm regards,
Tim & Jen