A Few Tips & Tricks in Honor of National Pack Your Lunch Day

A Few Tips & Tricks in Honor of National Pack Your Lunch Day

Mar 10th 2020

Today is National Pack Your Lunch Day!

Here are a few packed lunch ideas to add a little creativity to your child’s day and a little organization to yours.

  1. Have a weekly lunch menu. Take a few minutes to sit down with the kids and discuss what to buy. This is a great family activity as well as a chance to encourage the kids to try something new. Let them pick out which fruits or veggies to add in. Research a new recipe and get creative in the kitchen together.
  2. Try shaking up the menu with some non-sandwich concepts. Hard-boiled eggs or lunch-meat roll-ups can be great sources of protein. Try using crackers, tortillas or waffles as substitutes for sandwich bread.
  3. Set aside time to do some prepping. Cut up various fruits and vegetables and separate into individual storage containers for on-the go grabs. Pasta or orzo based “salads” are great options to mix with vegetables or cheese and can be used throughout the week.
  4. Keep pre-packaged healthy options in both the fridge and pantry for quick assembly. String cheese, yogurt pouches or single serve hummus cups are great fridge options. Low sugar granola bars, pretzels, nuts or dried fruit and baked snacks are perfect for when you are on the go.
  5. You don’t need to be an artist to add some creativity to lunch. Two blueberries and a pepper slice can be used to make a smiley face. Cookie cutters can add fun shapes to fruit and sandwiches, and of course don’t forget to include a More Than Just Lunch Note! A few small touches are a fun way to say a big I love you to your special one.

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